Send your loved ones a basket full of Christmas cheer with our Silent Night Christmas Gift Hamper.  Full of festive delights and tasty treats, mince pies, rich pudding, biscuits, savoury treats, sweets and much more.  Whether you send just a basket of food or team it with an Award Winning bottle we have something to delight everyone. This Christmas hamper will be devoured with delight and make a fabulous impression!

Silent Night Christmas Gift Hamper

An extremely popular choice, our Silent Night Christmas Gift Hamper makes a stunning gift for anyone who deserves something really special this festive season. Filled to the brim with delectable Christmas foods, this Christmas hamper will be devoured with delight and make a fabulous impression!

From Burt’s family bakers we have mince pies with a difference, traditional sweet mincemeat made with rich fruits and topped with a Viennese biscuit before being dusted with icing sugar.  The Cole’s black cherry and Amaretto rich fruit pudding is a must.  Made with succulent cherries, almonds and Amaretto liqueur this is a luxury pudding for your special Christmas feast.

The Chloe’s Christmas wreaths are a festive all butter biscuit topped with a milk creme fondant and frosted cranberries for an extra indulgence.

Award Winning Jo&Seph’s gourmet popcorn in Caramel and almond flavour are a must with their delicate and creamy flavour with a nutty crunch, or how about a really interesting snack from Mr Filbert’s with their roasted chestnut and chives peanuts and hazelnuts.  A delightful sharing artisan snack that will bring joy to your tastebuds.

The savoury snacks continue with Dean’s extra mature cheddar and caramelised red onion hand baked oaty bites.  Delicious with a glass of wine.  The Rendles cheese trees are puff pastry bitesized biscuits flavoured with cheese and Mediterranean style herbs.

Choose your favourite flavour of pate and team it with a luxury cracker from Verduijn’s fine biscuits.  These rosemary crackers with a hint of sea salt are a must on anyone’s list.  Add a spoonful of the Highfield boxing day chutney and your onto a winning combination.

Christmas would not be complete without a cake so we have included a round rich iced cake to celebrate the festivities.

And lastly, a splendiferously scrumptuousness sweet treat from Happy Mallows marshmallows.  Strawberry jam swirled into a vanilla cheesecake flavoured marshmallow. Beautifully baked and a fruity taste that your simply going to fall in love with.

The contents of the Silent Night Christmas Gift Hamper are presented in a traditional willow hamper and finished with a hand tied gold Christmas bow.  Choose your preferred bottle to make this gift complete.