Make your own bespoke gift with the Brandy and Nibbles Gift Box.  Choose your preferred bottle of brandy to accompany three delicious snacks of your choice.  With snacks from Capital Crisps, Love Cocoa chocolate, Mr Filberts and lots more this will be a gift to be savoured and appreciated.

Brandy and Nibbles Gift Box

Are you looking for a gift for a Brandy or Cognac fan? Then look no further.  Accompany your preferred bottle with three delicious treats to create this a bespoke box of mouth watering flavours for the recipient. 

Two of the most revered spirits in the world, Cognac and its sister spirit brandy make luxurious gifts.  Whether your loved one is a staunch VS, VSOP, or XO fan, buying Cognac and brandy Christmas gifts can be a daunting task.  Take a look at our guide below to help you decide with something for every style and budget.

The brandy or cognac may be the centrepiece of this gift hamper however, do not underestimate the delicious hand picked gourmet nibbles for you to choose from to make the perfect pairing and enhance the amazing taste experience.

The Brandy and Nibbles Gift Box allows you to make this Brandy gift bespoke for your recipient.  Choose you favourite Brandy to accompany three delicious hand picked nibbles from our Award Winning range.

Brandy Vs Cognac – What is the Difference

Brandy, a distilled spirit made from fruit, is the generic name for this fine, fiery style of drink. Cognac comes under the umbrella of brandy, but it is just one of the many variations of it out there.  Here’s what you need to know about the world of brandy and its most famous, well-loved version: cognac.

Just as wine comes from specific regions around the world, so do various styles of brandy. The ingredients may vary and the distillation or ageing processes may differ from region to region, but if the result a spirit distilled from wine made with fruit, then wherever it comes from, it’s a brandy. Usually bottled at around 40% alcohol, brandy is traditionally drunk after dinner, with desserts, cheese, and, if you’re feeling dapper, cigars.

Cognac on the other hand is in a specific region of France following specific rules to guarantee its quality.  The Cognac region is in western France, north of Bordeaux, with one border on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s also a hierarchy of quality for Cognac, including:

V.S., “Very Special” or “Three Star” Cognac, in which the youngest brandy is at least two years.
V.S.O.P., “Very Special Old Pale” or “Reserve,” with a minimum age of four years.
X.O., “Extra Old” or “Napoleon,” with a minimum age of ten years.
Hors d’Age is used to indicate even older and more premium releases.

Presented in a stylish black lidded box.  Finished with a hand tied red satin ribbon and personalised gift message.

If you have a favourite brand that is not featured in our selection, please email us at to see if we can obtain it for you.