Brandy Gift Hamper. A bottle of your preferred make of brandy to accompany a mixer and a selection of crisps, chocolate and sweet treats.

Brandy Gift Hamper

Nestled inside our willow gift hamper basket is a truly luxurious gift.  The Brandy Gift Hamper allows you to select your favourite bottle of fine brandy and mixer to accompany the carefully chosen range of indulgent treats making this a truly special gift.

The crunchy bean sticks are flavoured with caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar and are a mouth watering adventure for food connoisseurs preferring something a little bit different.   The Godiva caramel lion biscuits are true masterpieces! Luxury biscuits topped with a deliciously rich milk chocolate and smooth creamy caramel filling to delight and indulge the senses.

Considered by many as the world’s most delightful confectionery, the Baklawa is a sweet that has its roots steeped in history going back thousands of years. Traditionally, this was prepared only on special occasions and graced the tables of the rich and royals of ancient times. Every single piece has been carefully hand cut, crafted and baked to perfection and will be a special gift that will be truly remembered!

The Lily O’Briens chocolate buttons have a dash of sea salt which lifts the creamy caramel mouth watering chocolate discs and are a favourite treat to be savoured.

This fine array of delectable goodies are accompanied by your choice of Fever-Tree mixer and bottle of Brandy. Presented in a willow gift hamper and finished with a hand tied red bow this luxurious gift will definitely be a gift to impress.