The Antipasti Feast Gift Hamper Box beholds a magnificent selection of antipasti treats!  Add your preferred bottle to the tasty selection of Italian peppers, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes.  A flavoursome cheese truckle accompany crackers and savoury biscuit bites from Verduijn's, Peter's Yard and much more.

Antipasti Feast Gift Hamper Box

Artisan savoury wafers from Verduijn’s fine biscuits, are golden baked thin wafers with real Italian pesto and Parmesan cheese elevate your boring snacking cracker into something.

Produced in Italy, using Mr Organic’s lovingly cooked chickpeas and sun-ripened tomatoes, this antipasti dip has been carefully created for maximum flavour that everyone will love.  Add this flavourful bean Antipasti dip to bring some Italian flair to your table. Perfect for serving as an antipasto alongside some vegetables and breadsticks.

Ideal for dipping are the Maretti bruschette bites are oven baked in small batches, these deliciously crispy bites are flavoured with tomato, olives and oregano.

Within the Perello cocktail picante, are pitted green Manzanilla and black Cuquillo olives, combined with pickled silverskin onions and baby gherkins in a spicy marinade spiked with pickled guindilla chillies. The combination of different colours, flavours, and textures makes this attractive combination perfect for the lover of pickles and olives.

Peters Yard sourdough crackers are made in small batches with their signature sourdough starter, which slowly ferments for 16 hours. Made with spelt flour and whole pieces of fig, these delicious bites are perfect as canapés, dippers or as a biscuit for cheese.

Bite sized bread shorts are next from Bonta Lucane.  These Italian Focaccine pieces have been flavoured with Rosemary to give a classic Mediterranean flavour. Ideal to dip or top with your favourites.

A selection of antipasti from the Mr Organic range bring us delicious vegetables, all carefully selected, sliced and preserved with their natural flavour, textures and coated in their own marvellous marinades. Grilled artichokes with herbs and spices, sundried tomatoes with capers and Italian grilled peppers.

Olive Branch’s relish is a unique and Award Winning relish, a Kalamata olive reduction is mixed with fresh fig and almond.  The thick caramelised flavour pairs perfectly with a strong cheese.

Select you favourite flavour of cheese truckle to finish your Antipasti Feast and you have perfected a magnificent taste sensation!

Add your preferred bottle to accompany these sumptuous treats and you have created a gift to delight one and all.

Presented within a black lidded cardboard box and finished with a hand tied red satin bow.