Our Rum Gift Hamper is filled full of moreish treats to accompany a bottle of premium rum and Fevertree mixer of your choice.  Choose all your favourite flavours of olives, nuts, artisan confectionery and luxury crisps to accompany your favourite bottle.  So whether you prefer the classic Lamb's Navy or the British Navy Pusser's rum or maybe something spicy from Sailor Jerry or Kraken, we have something to suit everyone's taste and style, creating a bespoke gift worthy of admiration. 

Rum Gift Hamper

The Rum Gift Hamper is really a gift of your own creation.  Start by choosing your preferred brand of premium rum to accompany your favourite Fever-Tree mixer.  We have then added a sumptuous selection of tasty bites, just pick your favourite tastes and flavours from our snack choices and you have a winning bespoke gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.

The Mr Filbert’s really interesting olives are sun ripened and great tasting. Choose from Greek Halkidiki olives with lemon and oregano, Greek green olives flavoured with chilli and black pepper or Kalamata olives. These tasty delights are the perfect snack for any time of the day.

Mr Filbert’s have also provided the Award Winning artisan nut snacks. Whether you pick the light and aromatic French Rosemary almonds, the delicious savoury simply sea salt mixed nuts or the Mexican sweet chilli mixed nuts with their rich, sweet and spicy taste you will be onto a winner.  Or how about a scrumptious sweet and salty snack treat with the salted caramel and cherry berry chocolate and nut mix, both exquisitely indulgent and a little bit different.

Choose from our selection of luxurious hand cooked crisps. Add a dash of spice to the basket with the bubbly and Serrano chilli, or how about something special with the Wagu beef and honey mustard or scrumptious truffle and Rosemary flavours, but if you just want a plain old crisp we can still provide a hint of luxury with the desert sea salt or sea salt and vinegar.

The Dean’s hand baked bites are delicious oaty nibbles, Choose from the extra mature cheddar and caramelised red onion or the extra mature cheddar with a subtle kick of chilli or finally just the extra mature plain cheddar for an intensely savoury treat.

Finally, add a sweet sensation and choose a treat from the Award Winning artisan confectionery’s delights. What’s not to love with the exceptional handcrafted lemon meringue bites from Flower & White. The dairy free peanut butter crunch from Buttermilk are choccy crispy bites with a deliciously scrummy peanut butter filling. The caramel sea salt crumbly fudge is topped with milk chocolate and sea salt and lovingly made, whilst the crumbly fudge is wonderfully moreish and is generously flavoured with vanilla. The Candy Kittens gourmet sweets are proof life is too short for boring sweets. In wild strawberry or tropical mango flavour they are made with natural colours and flavours and get your taste buds dancing. Experience a delicious chocolaty treat from the Lindt Excellence range, just choose your favourite taste from our selection.

The Fever-Tree mixer uses the best naturally sourced ingredients from around the world, no artificial flavourings or sweeteners.  Just choose your preferred flavour of mixer  and do justice to the world’s finest bottle of spirit.

Presented in a willow gift hamper basket and finish with a hand tied red satin bow this luxurious gift will definitely be a bespoke gift to impress.