The Louis De Camponac Wine Box is a French wine lovers delight. The red Cabernet Sauvignon gives complexity and spice whilst the white Cabernet Blanc is harmonious with its fresh and fruity flavours. Enjoy these wines with our morishly delicious treats and make this an extra special gift.

Louis De Camponac Wine Box

From the South of France we have a Sauvignon duo delight, giving complexity and spice within each bottle.

The red is rich with ripe blackcurrant flavours and with green pepper freshness, the Louis De Camponac Cabernet Sauvignon has a smooth structure and silky texture.

With grapes from Gascony, the white Sauvignon Blanc reveals notes of lemon, citrus and white flower. Fresh round and a well balanced with harmonious flavours, giving delicate aromas of grapefruit on the finish.

Savour the Louis De Camponac Sauvignon combination with our selection of luxurious tasty delights to make this a extra special gifting treat.