The perfect Easter chocolate box for the whole family. Meet the Thorntons roaring chocolate dinosaur or the enchantingly pretty chocolate unicorn. Enjoy an Easter egg hunt with the Malteser bunnies and Smarties filled eggs and much more. Presented in a black lidded box, this will be be a chocolate box to delight.

Easter Chocolate Box
The perfect Easter egg box for children of all ages (that means you too Dad!). Meet the friendly Thorntons dinosaur and delightfully pretty unicorn, both made with the smoothest, creamiest milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate and icing. Sure to be a roaring success.

The Maltesers Easter Hunt Pack contains all you need to create a the perfect Easter egg hunt at home. Hide these delicious eggs and bunnies then let your family and friends search for them, but remember to leave one for yourself!

The Ferrero eggs provide a grown up treat. Fine milk chocolate covered wafer with velvety hazelnut filling, whilst the Galaxy enchanted eggs are a taste sensation with the crunchy caramel rolled in rose gold. Find a quiet place to enjoy these sumptuous delights.

Presented in a black lidded box, there are lots more treats to enjoy this Easter time.